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Introduction to the VividWorks 3D product configurator

VividWorks 3D product configurator is a SaaS software with 3 major functional elements: The Manager, The Planner and The Backend.

Below is a high-level view to the product

High-Level view to the 3D product configurator

Brief introduction to all is given below.

The Manager

The Manager is a web-application running in a web-browser that you, VividWorks'es customer uses to manage the content and configuration of the product offering and related functions. Other configuration and functionality will be available over time, including insights of your customer activities with the Planner and configuration of integrations plus other interesting features.

The Manager stores its data in the backend and thus utilizes the APIs of the backend during the product configuration.

Below is a screenshot of the manager view with a product library and a product configuration that is selected

Screenshot of the Manager

The Planner

The Planner is an embeddable software component that is placed into your e-commerce platform or website through adding specific embed tags and loading specific JavaScript script files and utilizing data that allows the planner to talking to the backend to find the product assets and data for the product being configured. The Planner uses the backend to load product data and all the 3D assets, but additionally uses the APIs of e-commerce platform for showing prices for items being configured.

Below is a screenshot of the Planner embedded to a WooCommerce e-commerce platform

Screenshot of the Planner

The Backend

All the data from the Manager and The Planner are stored in the backend. Backend provides APIs for the Manager, the Planner and APIs for integration with other IT systems like PIMs, ERPs, CRMs. If customer specific application logic is developed as part of the solution to you, your custom application functions will utilize the APIs for the functionality. Backend is also used to distribute the Planner and 3D asset files into CDN (Content Deliveyr Network), that caches the content to reduce latency and loading times of the planner to your customers. The backend is responsible also for authentication and authorization of the users of the Manager and is also used to store activity logs and other data that helps VividWorks support you as a customer.